Paragraph 35, October 11, 2005 Statement of Response

This is the paragraph that was put in the hands of Rogers Legal Team on October 11, 2005. Included Rogers copy of my Statement of Response was a CD that had the full recording of the September 22 conversation between Harry Gefen and a Manager of Rogers' Fraud Department.


35. On September 27, 2005 at a public conference, Cindy Hopper, Manager of Law Enforcement Support/Fraud and Security at Rogers stated that Rogers has a protocol in place to detect and prevent phone calls being fraudulently made on consumer’s cell phones. Rogers has a systematic, computer-generated program that immediately alerts their Fraud Department of atypical calling patterns, such as the ones documented on my August and September invoices. Rogers has adopted the protocol of calling the holder of the account as soon as Rogers becomes aware of that atypical call pattern to verify whether or not the account holder is the party making the phone calls. If Rogers cannot quickly get a hold of the consumer, the next step in Rogers’ protocol is to put a block on the cell phone until such time as they hear from the verifiable holder of the account. (Exhibit D with attached digital audio recording).