Lawyers in Quebec Small Claims Court (not)

Quebec Code of Civil Procedure, R.S.Q., chapter C-25










959.  Natural persons must represent themselves; they may, however, give a mandate to their spouse, a relative, a person connected by marriage or a friend to represent them. The mandate must be gratuitous and be set out in a signed writing stating the reasons why the person is unable to represent himself or herself.


The State, legal persons, partnerships and associations may only be represented by an officer or another person bound exclusively to them under a contract of employment.


Notwithstanding the Charter of human rights and freedoms (chapter C-12), no advocate or collection agent may act as a mandatary. By way of exception, where a case raises a complex legal issue, the judge may, on his or her own initiative or at the request of a party and with the consent of the chief judge of the Court of Québec, allow the parties to be represented by an advocate. Except in the case of parties not admissible as plaintiffs under this Book, the fees and costs of the advocates are borne by the Minister of Justice and may not exceed the fees and costs set out in the tariff of fees prescribed by the Government under the Legal Aid Act (chapter A-14).