Where's Angus?

Angus was working with Lang Michener until the end of September, 2006. I received a lengthy Amended Pleadings from Rogers Wireless on August 14, 2006 prepared and signed by Angus Pseudonymous. And Angus booked the October 26, 2006 motion date at which Rogers was supposed to attempt to quash my summons to witness of Ted Rogers.

Then, on October 4, 2006, I got a call from Joe D'Angelo, the head of Rogers commercial litigation group. Apparently he was taking charge of my Small Claims Court case. Angus has been let go from Lang Michener on September 29, 2006.

If there is any residual sense that this turn of events might be linked to Angus' handling of my Small Claims Court action, Joe D'Angelo's handling of the Rogers file, with 17 years of practice under his belt and his considerably larger billing rate, doesn't seem to have produced results for Rogers that were terribly auspicious either.

Bigger bucks, but duds not bangs.